Hallmarking at Pawnshop

A hallmark is a mark stamped onto certain precious metals such as silver and gold by the UK Assay offices, certifying their standard of purity.

Pawnshop signature pieces are stamped with our Pawnshop logo & 925 sterling silver to signify authenticity and purity of brand and material.

Pawnshop signature is made from 100% certified recycled sterling silver.

The UK assay office requires that any sterling silver jewellery weighing over 7.78g and gold weighing over 1.0g be submitted for further testing and verification. For our heavier pieces, you will see our Pawnshop Assay office makers marks stamped/lasered and further hallmarks for verification.

Vintage jewellery at Pawnshop

We use hallmarks to authenticate our locally sourced vintage jewellery. We read as accurately as possible, in some cases due to the age of the piece the hallmark may be partially or completely worn - and so unable to be read.

For any questions regarding hallmarks, please email us at hello@pawnlondon.com